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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blasts From Purim Past

Sorry folks! I had this brilliant, erudite, hilarious Purim spiel all written and set to post last night. We went out to megillah reading, and Sandy, insulted at being left behind, ate my entire post! I think I may be taking that Korean restaurant up on their offer after all...

Above you see Sandy, pleading for clemency after finishing off all those delicious electrons! :-)

So now that I've found a scape-dog for my laziness, here are some links to my past Purim posts for you to enjoy again. They might be leftovers, but hopefully still tasty!

5766: You Might Be Yeshivish

5767: Dear Abby (Abie?), Boro Park Style

5768: Ain't It a Shem

5768: Maseches Grynegznham

And for good measure, yesterday's Purim-themed Musical Monday!



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