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A bereaved father blogging for catharsis... and for distraction. Accordingly, you'll see a diverse set of topics and posts here, from the affecting to the analytical to the absurd. Something for everyone, but all, at the core, meeting a personal need.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Whither Now the Blog?

It is a tremendous and indescribable relief to have completed the final installment of Aaron's Story last night. It's a load off my shoulders that I was able to get down in writing so many of my recollections and feelings before they start to fade. Thanks to all that have provided such caring and supportive feedback.

Now I hope to switch gears and focus on some less emotional and more diverse topics, at least for a week or so. To wit, see the new post just below this one. In addition, I'll be working over the next day on some long-needed updates to my links and blogroll.

Long term, I will undoubtedly swing back to a mix of the two types of posts; sometimes heavy and poignant, sometimes light and pleasant. Something for everyone, but both types very necessary and beneficial for me.


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