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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Musical Son Day IV

Here are audio links to the studio-mastered versions of Down the Road and Midnight In America, two original songs by my son Shalom's band The Flip.

For those in the NJ area, the Flip will be playing at the world-famous Stone Pony this Sunday, Sept 19, as part of their annual "Back to School Bash"! Time TBD - will update when known. Don't miss it!


At 9/17/10, 10:25 AM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

So will the band be playing a different drum there?


(How did that recording session go?)

At 9/17/10, 10:47 AM, Blogger The said...

Tiring, grueling, outright horrifying....all that jazz.
I hope it was worth it, though.

At 9/17/10, 12:49 PM, Blogger trn said...

Wow, fantastic! Mazel tov!


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