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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Musical Son Day III

Congratulations to my son Shalom and his bandmates in The Flip for winning the JEC Talent Show "Battle of the Bands" last Motzai Shabbos! First prize is ten hours of time in a professional recording studio, which they plan to use to record two of their original songs, "Down The Road" and "Midnight In America".

Here's a rough-cut video of those songs from Saturday night's event. Sound quality isn't too great, but that's what the studio will be for, I guess. You can catch a glimpse of Shalom in the back, playing keyboards on both songs and bass guitar on the first. And if your hearing is real sharp, you may even hear Shalom's parents cheering on the band like a couple of teenage girls at a Beatles concert!

Midnight In America:

Down The Road:


At 2/18/10, 9:07 PM, Blogger trn said...

How exciting! Mazel tov!


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