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Thursday, October 30, 2008

TV Trivia Thursday #19

It's been a few weeks since I've had the chance to do one of these, and unfortunately I've exhausted the good nuggets from my new reference book, so TTT may be taking another extended hiatus. But for now, here's today's TV trivia quiz:

1) Who is the only major M*A*S*H character to be played by a single actor in the movie and all related TV series?

2) Conversely, which two of the major characters were played by three different actors?

3) On this trio of shows, which spanned the mid-60s through mid-80s, he started and ended in seafaring roles, but played a writer in-between. Name the actor and the three series.

4) Describe the only two times that Norm's oft-mentioned wife Vera was "seen" on Cheers? For extra credit, who played Vera for these appearences?

5) What numerically-named - and critically acclaimed - show also featured early appearences by future stars such as Rob Reiner, Teri Garr, Cindy Williams, Richard Dreyfuss, Chuck Norris, and Mark Hamill?

6) Why was the title character of "The Greatest American Hero" nearly always referred to, in his civilian identity, as "Mr. H.", rather than with his actual last name?

7) Name two series where the title characters sang the theme song.

8) Most cartoon character voices were performed by professional voice actors such as Daws Butler, Don Messick, Paul Frees, and of course the late, great Mel Blanc. But quite a few actors who are mainly known for their "real-world" performances have also lent their voices to a 'toon or two (not counting animated versions of their original series). Name the well-known television/movie actor who voiced each of the following TV Toons - and see if you can add any more of your own!

a) Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)
b) Clifford the Big Red Dog
c) Inspector Gadget
d) Underdog
e) The Joker (1990s-2000s Batman Animated Series)
f) Mr. Magoo
g) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (Sponge Bob Square Pants)


At 10/31/08, 12:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 - I think this was Radar, played by Gary Burghoff.

7 - "Laverne and Shirley" is one...

8a - Kelsey Grammer
c - Don Adams
f - Jim Backus

-- Clayton

At 10/31/08, 10:13 AM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

3) I'll guess Gavin MacLeod.
I can't figure out the "seafaring" 60's show, but he'd be the writer in the Mary Tyler Moore Show and the captain on the Love Boat. I think.
7) The other would be All in the Family.
8b) John Ritter
(Clayton - Wasn't Don Adams Tennessee Tuxedo? I guess he could have had two roles!)

At 10/31/08, 11:48 AM, Blogger trn said...

1) Radar!

2) Father Mulcahy was one.

3) Maybe the third show of the trio is The Love Boat?

4) Vera got a pie in the face on the fantastic Thanksgiving episode. She was also heard speaking via the Cheers answering machine looking for Norm in another episode.

7) Frasier is one.

8a) Kelsey Grammer (Additionally, David Hyde Pierce later joined in and voiced Bob's brother.)

At 10/31/08, 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD: I think you are right about Don Adams and Tennessee Tuxedo.

Here are a few more for #8:

i - Troy McClure - The Simpsons
j - Luanne Platter - King of the Hill
k - Peggy Hill - King of the Hill
l - Bill Dauterive - King of the Hill
m - Meg Griffin - Family Guy

King of the HIll has also had two musicians make multiple appearances, one as himself and the other as "Lucky", who I think is Luanne's boyfriend. Can you name either of them?

-- Clayton

At 11/2/08, 9:27 AM, Blogger Elie said...

(What happened to 8h?)

8i) Troy McClure was voiced by the late Phil Hartman. He also did another semi-regular Simpsons voice, a sleazy lawyer, but I forget the character name.

8j-m) Don't watch these shows so I can't guess.

At 11/2/08, 5:08 PM, Blogger trn said...

I miss Phil Hartman.

"I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from . . ."

I think the lawyer was Lionel Hutz.

At 11/2/08, 5:32 PM, Blogger trn said...

Who can identify the voices of the Letterman cartoon from The Electric Company?

At 11/2/08, 8:42 PM, Blogger Elie said...

TRN: You are right, it was Lionel Hutz!

As for the Letterman cartoons, you reminded me of an early, very pre-TV Trivia Thursday post where I asked that very question here! See this link for the answer!

At 11/3/08, 3:43 PM, Blogger trn said...

Pretty cool, Elie!

At 11/3/08, 8:37 PM, Blogger Elie said...

Nice work, all! Here are the full set of answers, most of which were at least partially supplied:

1) Clayton and TRN are correct.

2) TRN actually got the more difficult one: Father Mulcahy was played in the movie by Rene Auberjonois - better known (to Trekkies at least!) as Deep Space Nine's Odo. For the first couple of TV episodes, George S. B. Morgan took the role, and it then passed to William Christopher, who played the good Pastor for the remainder of the series, as well as sequel "AfterMASH".

The other main character played by three actors was Trapper John McIntyre: He was depicted by Elliott Gould in the film, Wayne Rogers in M*A*S*H, and Pernell Roberts in Trapper John, M.D.

3) Soccer Dad correctly identified tha actor, Gavin McLeod, and the 2nd and 3rd shows. His earlier, much lesser-known "seafaring" character, also his first recurring television role, was crewman Joseph "Happy" Haines on McHale's Navy.

4) TRN is correct about one of Vera's "live" appearances - though as noted, her face was completely covered by a thrown pie. The other time was when she got a job working in the restaurant upstairs from Cheers, Melville's. That time, you saw only her feet and ankles! But in both cases, Vera Peterson was played by Bernadette Birkett, the real-life wife of George Wendt, who played Norm Peterson!

5) No guesses? Room 222 was the show.

6) And none here either - shucks! Superhero drama-comedy "The Greatest American Hero", which debuted in 1981, originally had a title character named Ralph Hinkley. Shortly after the show's premiere, John Hinkley's attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan prompted the show's producers to "retcon" the character's last name to "Hanley", but in practice, he was nearly always called simply "Mr. H." by his students thereafter.

7) Good thing I said "two shows" and not "the two shows", because as often happens here, you guys came up with more than I did! Soccer Dad mentioned All In The Family, which was one I did have in mind, and TRN added Frazier. I'll give Clayton 1/2 credit for Laverne and Shirley - they do the "Shlimeil, Shlimazel" chant in the beginning, but the rest of the theme song, "Making Our Dreams Come True" was by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox. The 2nd show I had in mind was Green Acres ("You are my wife!" "Goodbye, City Life!").

8) You got several of them, the rest are:
d) Underdog was voiced by the wonderful Wally Cox, star of Mr. Peepers and regular guest on many 60s and 70s comedy series.
e) Joker on the Batman: The Animated Series and related spinoffs was/is voiced by Mark Hamill
g) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are voiced by Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway respectively, the stars of Mchale's Navy - which brings us full circle back to question 3!

At 11/3/08, 11:05 PM, Blogger trn said...

Elie had most of the correct answer to the Letterman cartoon question in an earlier post as he noted. Additionally, Joan Rivers voiced the narration.


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