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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TTT By The Book

A once semi-regular feature here that's been absent for a long while is TV Trivia Thursday. I didn't stop because I wasn't enjoying the puzzles, but because I had felt I was running out of worthwhile material. Of course, I could have simply continued with questions of the "who played X on the show Y" ilk, but I personally find such quizzes too simplistic/boring, and to reverse-paraphrase Groucho Marx, I wouldn't want to post any TV Trivia that I wouldn't enjoy answering myself.

Well, good news for me and other television history fans! I just purchased this excellent book, and from just the first 10% thereof, I've gleaned enough good material for the next two or three TTTs! So look for TTT #14, at long last, this Thursday August 7, with hopefully at least a few more to follow over the next several weeks.

Meanwhile, just to get things started, here's an preview TTT (Tuesday TV Teaser) question:
This classic show of the 1960s was nominated for fourteen Emmys, but never won any - though ironically, a parody of the same show did win an Emmy several years later.
Stay tuned for more in two days, same blog time, same blog channel!


At 8/6/08, 2:06 AM, Blogger cruisin-mom said...

I like tv trivia better than music trivia, but already, I don't know the answer to the teaser!

At 8/6/08, 10:33 AM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

I'm tempted to say that the parody that won the Emmy was Get Smart, but I thought that was a parody of James Bond.

But could it be that it was parody of "I, Spy?"

At 8/6/08, 10:45 AM, Blogger Elie said...

I think I should reword the question slightly to avoid ambiguity. The Emmy win I'm referring to was for a particular performance on the latter show, not for the show as a whole.

At 8/6/08, 4:05 PM, Blogger Elie said...

Answer will be included in tomorrow's TTT, so guess while the guessing's good!

At 8/6/08, 10:47 PM, Blogger trn said...

Hmm, I'm going to guess that the answer involves The Carol Burnett Show.


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