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Thursday, January 03, 2008

TV Trivia Thursday #7

Happy new year, and welcome to the first TV Trivia Thursday of 2008! Special thanks to Elder of Ziyon for submitting one for me last week. He'll be a hard act to follow, but here goes:

1) A sitcom staple, from the archetypal Ed Norton through Seinfeld's Kramer, has been the dimwitted, annoying, or just downright batty next-door neighbor. For each of the following characters - in both senses of the word - name the actor(s) and the show on which he/she/they appeared:
a) Howard Borden
b) Lorelei Brown
c) Exidor
d) Gwendolyn and Cecily Pigeon
e) Leonard Kosnowski and Andrew Squiggmann
f) Harry Bentley
g) Gladys Kravitz

2) This series was based on a set of characters that had existed, in another medium, for nearly three decades, but who actually had no names until their television debut.

3) Which two shows, aired a generation apart, both featured recurring characters who never spoke until the very last episode of their respective series?

4) Conversely, which other two shows, airing consecutively if not quite concurrently in the 70s and early 80s, each featured a regular supporting character who was only "seen" through his voice, but never appeared on-screen?

5) This sitcom, with a famously ludicrous title and premise, ironically received commendations from several Roman Catholic orders. Name the series and the reason for its pious praise.

6) This Englishman's regular roles on US television included a Hero, a perfect Match, and a gently sarcastic, but still invariably kissable host. Name the actor and the three shows.

7) What 60s cartoon hero had a sidekick who always repeated the last few words of every sentence, of every sentence?

8) A recurring guest star on Happy Days was reportedly the subject of the debut single by Creedence Clearwater Revival nearly 10 years earlier. Name the actress and character as well as the song title.


At 1/3/08, 12:47 PM, Anonymous Tova said...

1) Sorry don't know any of the actors. Here are the shows though:
c. Mork and Mindy
d. The Odd Couple (?)
e. Laverne and Shirley
f. The Jeffersons
5. The Flying Nun would certainly qualify as a ludicrous title!!

At 1/3/08, 3:26 PM, Blogger trn said...

Gladys Kravitz was Samantha and Darren's neighbor on Bewitched, the one who always peeked out the curtains, wasn't she?

At 1/3/08, 3:43 PM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

4) One is definitely Carlton your doorman.

I'm tempted to say the other was Charlie of Charlie's Angels, but you did see parts of him, just not his face, didn't you.

Another possibility would be the guy who recorded "This mission should you choose to accept it ..." at the beginning of Mission Impossible.

6) Richard Dawson
Hogan's Heroes, Match Game and then finally he made to host in Family Feud. (And his kissability was brilliantly lampooned on SNL with the Coneheads, "Since you're from France ...")

8) I'm assuming that the song is Suzy Q.

At 1/3/08, 3:50 PM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

1b) I'm pretty certain that Lorelei Brown was on My favorite Martian. And wasn't her uncle the chief of police?

At 1/3/08, 9:24 PM, Blogger torontopearl said...

1 d. those spinster, well-to-do sisters on The Waltons
e. Lenny & Sqiggy on Laverne and Shirley
g. yup, the nosy neighbor on Bewitched

That's it for me, Elie. But your trivia knowledge (or manipulation of GOOGLE!) is WOW. You should write for trivia board games or game shows...or maybe you already do.

Wishing the Rosenfeld family a good Shabbos.

At 1/3/08, 11:09 PM, Blogger cruisin-mom said...

1)a) Bill? Bob Newhart show
c)Mork and Mindy
d)the odd couple
e)Laverne and Shirley/ MIchael Mckean
David Landers

3)Howdy doody (Clarabelle the clown)
THe fugitive (the one-armed man)

4)Carlton the door man (Rhoda)
Charley from Charley's angels
6)Richard Dawson: Hogan's Heroes, match game, family fued
7)Quick straw mcgraw?
8)proud Mary

that's all I got (proudly done with NO googling!)

At 1/4/08, 1:50 AM, Blogger LEL said...

1.d.Gwendolyn and Cecily Pigeon-The Odd Couple
e.Leonard Kosnowski and Andrew Squiggmann-Lavern and Shirley
f.Harry Bentley-The Jeffersons

4.Charlie from Charlie's Angels, Carlton the doorman from Rhoda?

5.The Flying Nun

At 1/4/08, 11:43 AM, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Virtually every week I stumble here and find that the three or four answers I know have already been given.

On a related side note I had an Algebra teacher who bore a strong resemblance to Exidor.

As people would walk in they'd say Nanoo Nanoo to him. Of course he didn't have a clue why we though that was funny. After a while he started saying it before we could.

At 1/6/08, 8:09 PM, Blogger Elie said...

Nice job all! Here are the full set of answers, most of which were at least partially supplied:

1) You got most of the shows, here is the complete list + actors (and yes, I did have to look some of these up myself!):
a) Bob Newhart Show, Bill Daily
b) My Favorite Martian, Pamela Britton
c) Mork and Mindy, Robert Donner
d) The Odd Couple, Carole Shelley (Gwendolyn) and Monica Evans (Cecily)
e) Laverne and Shirley, Michael McKean (Lenny) and David L. Lander (Squiggy)
f) The Jeffersons, Paul Benedict
g) Bewitched, Sandra Gould and Alice Pearce played the character during different seasons

2) The answer is The Addams Family, which began in 1937 as a series of cartoons in The New Yorker by Charles Addams, who was, as Toonpedia puts it "a cartoonist with a macabre sense of humor, who delighted in juxtaposing the fantastic and gruesome with the mundane and ordinary." Addams' bizarre characters' appearances and relationships slowly developed over the years in the magazine cartoons, but only when their 1964 TV show aired were Gomez, Morticia, and the rest given names.

a) Clarabelle the clown on Howdy Doody, who finally broke his silence to say "Goodbye, kids" for the very last words of the series
b) Darryl and Darryl of Newhart, who unlike their loquacious brother Larry, never said a word until the show's famous last episode, when they simultaneously told their chattering wives to "SHUT UP!"

4) Soccer Dad, Cruisin Mom, and Lel all guessed the first of the two, Carlton the Doorman on Rhoda, which aired from 1974 to 1978. The second show was Mork and Mindy, which, as per the clue, began in 1978 and thus aired "consecutively" with Rhoda. The "heard but not seen" character was Orson, to whom Mork reported at the conclusion of each episode.

As SD stated, Charlie of Charlie's Angels may not qualify since you did see parts of his body, and in any case that series began in 1976 so it did overlap with Rhoda.

5) Tova and Lel both guessed correctly, The Flying Nun was the show I had in mind. Ironically, this epitome of silliness won accolades rather than censure from the Catholic church, who saw it as "humanizing nuns and their work". Can "The Swooping Rabbi" be far behind?

6) SD got the actor and all three shows! Bravo old chap, as the British would say.

7) And I thought SD would get this one too, since he has mentioned the cartoon before: Hercules, whose centaur sidekick Newton had that particular annoying speech pattern, annoying speech pattern.

8) SD got the song, Suzie-Q. According to a number of sources including 1981's "The Book of Rock Lists", this song was written about Detroit-born pop singer Suzi Quatro, who had some hits in England in the early 70s, but is best known to US audiences for playing "Leather Tuscadero" on several Happy Days episodes. However, it is doubtful that the song Suzie-Q is really about Quatro, since it was first recorded by country singer Dale Hawkins in 1956, 15 years before Quatro first came to (limited, and mostly overseas) fame. CCR's hit version of Suzie-Q was one of many remakes, and Suzi herself helped perpetuate the urban legend of the song's origin by recording her own version in 1991.

At 1/10/08, 4:53 PM, Blogger trn said...

Ooh, the Addams Family question was a good one.


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