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Friday, December 14, 2007

Snowed Out and Snowed Under

Sorry to those that missed your weekly dose of TV trivia yesterday. I was on a business trip up North and expected to be back in the afternoon, but I got caught by a blizzard which canceled all flights. By the time I made it home last night - thank goodness for Amtrak! - I was in no condition to blog... nor was it technically still Thursday for that matter.

Today I'm utterly swamped with catch-up work - why when you're out of the office for a day do you fall a week behind? So good Shabbos to all, and hope to be back with some planned postings next week.

A quick postscript: If you're the science and/or history-minded type and you're ever sightseeing in Boston, check out the exhibit of Alexander Graham Bell's original lab and telephone equipment. This sits in the lobby of the very building (185 Franklin) where I met with my clients yesterday! And for the convenience of us kosher-observant folks, the Milk Street Cafe is right across the street. (At least I didn't have to go home starving last night!)


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