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Monday, November 19, 2007


Guess where I was Saturday night? Rocking out to the Beatles! Well alright, the next best thing - the Fab Faux - who played the NJ State Theatre for a special one-day-only performance.

I would recommend the Fab Faux's act to fellow middle-to-hard core Beatlemaniacs. If your familiarity with Beatles music starts and ends with the Red and Blue albums, you probably wouldn't enjoy this show all that much, since they tended to steer away from hits with the Hey Jude and I Want To Hold Your Hand level of exposure. But if, like me, you can run through Abbey Road in your head while stuck in traffic, you'll be blown away by their note-perfect rendition of that entire masterpiece from beginning to end, as well as a strong selection of early and late Beatles tracks.

In a word - FAB-Tabulous!


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