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Monday, April 23, 2007

Head (Temporarily) Above Water

...or maybe it's "calm between the storms"?

In any case last week, between a flooded basement, Debbie's mom's surgery, and being laid for a couple of days myself with a bad cold, I definitely didn't have very much time or energy to be blogging.

Our basement is now relatively dry, my MIL, God willing, going home today, and I'm out of the sick bed (though still hacking away). So we've weathered one set of literal/figurative storms, and are now gearing up for this week's tempest. Aaron's 2nd yahrzeit is this Thursday, the 8th of Iyar.

I plan to post then with my remarks from our siyum Wednesday night, and perhaps some other personal words. But meanwhile, in the brief calm between the storms, with my head above water for now, hope to get another "regular" post or two done. Stay tuned.


At 4/24/07, 10:55 AM, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Enjoy whatever peace and quiet you can get.


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