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Thursday, February 01, 2007

170 Magical Days

... and counting, until the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is available! Author JK Rowling's site announced an official publication date of July 21 for the seventh and final installment in the series. With the movie for Book 5 being released only eight days earlier, it's gearing up to be quite a crazy summer for Potter fans. (Not to be confused with One Crazy Summer, which has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but is one of my favorite movies anyway.)


At 2/1/07, 7:02 PM, Blogger RaggedyMom said...

If you're a day-counter, Amazon pre-orderer, I probably shouldn't even mention that RaggedyDad and I usually wait until the library's got a few copies, take one out, and share it over the 7 days we have it. Probably shouldn't, but just did! :)

At 2/1/07, 9:54 PM, Blogger Elie said...

I can dig it! I don't buy a lot of books either; most books that I plan to read once, I get from the library too. The books I tend to buy are series that I collect (e.g., Dilbert) and/or re-read over and over (e.g., Tolkien).

Actually to get technical about it I don't own the HP books either. We have two sets in the house, one is Shalom's and one was Aaron's. They were fans before I was, and got me into reading it.

At 2/2/07, 1:54 PM, Blogger RaggedyMom said...

To be fair, we own more than a normal share of RaggedyDad's Russian sci-fi books and some of his late father's classics. I'm told by his aunt in Russia that there are tons more classics there that were meant for my husband to take one day. He couldn't take them in 1990 when he left because "technically" they were "going on vacation" and not *really* leaving Russia. There are some English classics and reference books, college texts I used when I was teaching, etc. that I'm glad we own - and of course, seforim!

Good Shabbos, and hey, only 169 days left now!

At 2/15/07, 4:04 PM, Blogger Elie said...

I pre-ordered two copies yesterday; one for me and one for Shalom! I'm also re-reading the earlier books; books 5-6 I've only read once previously.


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