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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Just when I really needed a lift... I received an email yesterday from the manager of our fund in Aaron's name at Chai Lifeline. He shared the following note which accompanied an electronic donation from "Ms. L." (real name and location was included in the email to me, but omitted here):

Here I was sitting in my cube at work in [XX], using Google to see what input I might find to help me construct a Key Learnings questionnaire for an IT project closeout meeting. Work is quiet, since it is the last week of the year and I was wondering whether my effort had any real purpose, since half of the people I invited to the session with likely be no-shows and others will ignore the template I create. In reply to my key learning's query, I came to a blog that led me to this site. So now I know the purpose of my morning's work, which is to contribute in a small way to your work. May Aaron's memory be for a blessing and may Hashem give his family the strength to be joyous and celebrate many simchas.
L., thanks for reminding this dispirited blogger that the trivial - as well as the tragic - can sometimes also bring good. If you are still reading, please contact me so I can thank you more directly.

And from your mouth to God's ears - for you and your family as well!


At 1/5/07, 10:15 AM, Blogger socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Wow that is so beautiful.


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