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Friday, October 20, 2006

Just Wait 'Till Next Year!

My sympathies to my Mets fan readers for their heartbreaking loss last night. But look at the bright side - at least your team made it this far, and fought hard until the last out of game seven. My new favorite team finished 20 games under .500, and my classic team went down with scarcely a whimper in round one.

So I guess you could say the outfield grass is always greener....


At 10/20/06, 12:45 PM, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Go Dodgers, Go Angels!

At 10/21/06, 11:49 PM, Blogger socialworker/frustrated mom said...

That would be me, thanks again for your sympathies:).

At 10/23/06, 6:58 PM, Blogger Chana said...

Red Sox fans used to say that in April ;)

I have a new URL - if you are one of my few readers, come and bookmark me! :)


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