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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tisha B'av Pun

We survived the fast. Didn't do much today other than shul and food shopping (couldn't avoid the latter - it was still Thursday too, right?).

When I was growing up there was pretty much nothing to do on Tisha B'av. These days, every shul fills the day with lectures and inspirational videos. But it occurred to me that they all missed a great opportunity for a pun. Now you may think levity is inappropriate for Tisha B'av, but since puns elicit mainly groans, I feel I'm only doing my small part to promote "taniya va'aniya".

So, next year, I'll tell the Rabbi to announce: "After shachris, we will have out Kinot speaker."

(Get it? Kinot - Keynote? Hey, what's with the rotten tomatoes? Alright, I'm delirious from the fast, cut me some slack...)


At 8/3/06, 10:41 PM, Blogger socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Glad the fast wasn't too bad. The joke could have been worse lol. Good you have your joking cap on.

At 8/3/06, 11:06 PM, Blogger torontopearl said...

I'm usually quick with my own puns, but sorry, I didn't catch on so fast to yours. Glad you explained it. It is a VERY GOOD ONE!

At 8/3/06, 11:25 PM, Blogger Elie said...

SWFM - thanks.

Pearl - thanks too, and no need for excuses, I'm sure we're all still a little loopy from the fast.

At 8/3/06, 11:33 PM, Anonymous esther said...

I think Tisha B'Av at the Movies is a sign of the times...Think of it, some people only go to the movies on Tisha B'Av.


At 8/4/06, 2:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in the same vain "I always Thought it was TISHBAV because when when you sit on the floor the tish(yiddish)was above.(totally inapropriate but you started it.

At 8/4/06, 9:49 AM, Blogger Elie said...

Esther: Great point - very ironic.

Anon: I was trying to think of a good setup for "tisch above" but I couldn't come up with one. I like yours!

At 8/4/06, 11:38 AM, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Groan is right. Ouch. ;)

At 8/9/06, 6:16 PM, Anonymous Reuven Chaim Klein said...

Rabbi David Fox uses that line for the Kinos.


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