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Monday, May 15, 2006

On The Other Side

"The empty page before me now, the pen is in my hand
The words don't come so easy but I'm trying
I'm searching for a melody or some forgotten line
They can slip away from us so quickly

Don't be unkind I'm not complaining
I only feel it needs explaining...

So turn around, turn around it's on the other side
Feel the sound, feel the sound, it's coming from deep inside
It will fill you with emotion, if you let it be your guide
So turn around; turn around, it's on the other side."

Kansas, "On the Other Side"

A song that speaks to me about all those times when blogging, or at least blogging about something deep and meaningful, comes hard.

Despite all the emotional writing I've done these last few difficult weeks - this whole past year, for that matter - it feels like I have so much more still inside my mind, so many thoughts and feelings begging for the right words to release them. Trying to make it to that other side.

Today just wasn't that day. But I have an idea - perhaps even the beginnings of a plan - for tomorrow. And I'll try to make that crossing once again... from reflection to expression.


At 5/16/06, 12:31 AM, Blogger torontopearl said...

"From reflection to expression" is a perfect title for a poetry anthology. I might need to ask you for the copyright someday !


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