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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

W for Watchmen

Now that the movie version of graphic novel V for Vendetta has been released, I hope that Alan Moore's true masterpiece, Watchmen, will finally get made into a movie as well. It was recently given an entry in IMDB - a hopeful sign - but there is practically no information there. That is, unless you count endless fan debates on the perfect cast and director (my vote on the latter: Tarantino!).

Though I was pretty much an exclusive Marvelite in my comix buying days, I have to admit that Watchmen, put out by their Distinguished Competition, is nothing less than a work of genius. Among other achievements, it is the only comic book series to win a Hugo award and the only one to be listed among Time magazine's top 100 books from 1923 - present. It was even praised by Marvel founder Stan Lee as his "favorite comic book outside of Marvel". It may well be the only "graphic novel" which is fully deserving of that name.

Watchmen is a tremendously complex work that must be read several times to be fully appreciated. I only hope that if it is made into a movie, those involved give the work the respect and seriousness it deserves, rather than treat it like any old action-adventure story or "just" a comic book adaptation. The right screenplay will be a good start.

Hey Robert, you busy??


At 10/18/06, 4:59 PM, Anonymous the one who will soon become known... said...

But you KNOW that it will not be given the proper treatment if it is made into a movie. (Can anyone say League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?) So I personally hope it NEVER gets made into a movie. Better that it remain known as one of the greatest comic books ever than one of the worst comic movie adaptations ever. Then again, with all the horrible comic adaptations, that's hardly likely.


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