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Friday, February 24, 2006

Advancing to Retreat

This weekend Debbie, the kids and I will be attending a bereaved families retreat at the Camp Simcha site. This is not an official Chai Lifeline event but just a private shabbaton organized by my blog-friend Glen, whom I'm looking forward to finally seeing in person. It's not intended to be an intense, cathartic event like the annual CL retreats, but rather an opportunity to meet other families who have shared the same tragedy as us, in a low-key, informal environment.

Six months ago I wrote about how not ready I was to get involved in this type of event. But time has passed, and we are going to start with this incremental move outside our comfort zone. We're still nervous and ill at ease, to be sure - none of us are "Shabbaton" types under the best of circumstances. But we're ready to try.

Let you know on Sunday how it went.


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