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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's a Gas

Soccer Dad rejoiced at finding a gas station in southern NJ where the price has dropped below $2.00 a gallon. The local paper had a similarly giddy reaction to the same price barrier breakthrough, although they reference a different gas station in the same general region. Here in central NJ the cheapest I've seen recently is $2.10.

On Saturday night I posted about blogs and the Uncertainty Principle. The above reactions seem to illustrate Relativity, as understood in the colloquial sense. Several months ago, when gas prices were rising and first broke the $2.00 barrier in the other direction, we were seething. But after prices rose to well over $3.00 just weeks ago, we're now thrilled that they're back down close to $2.00. Human nature.

A related question. A year or so back there was a list going around the internet of gasoline companies that do/do not buy oil supplies from the Middle East. I have been taking this very seriously, and making sure to buy from the ones listed as purchasing no Arab oil. However, according to Snopes, the list is highly inaccurate. Does anyone have reliable information as to which gasoline companies do not use (or use the least % of) Arab oil? Despite Snopes' reservations about the usefulness of boycotting given oil companies, I feel I want to do my part, however small a difference it will make.


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