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Friday, October 14, 2005

No Trivia Takers?

There were no responses to my "tefila trivia" questions from last week, which leads me to believe that either 1) nobody noticed them, 2) nobody can figure out the answers, or 3) nobody else is interested in stuff like this. Or perhaps 4) all of the above. But just in case, I'll wait until Erev Sukkos (Monday) to post the answers! So if you do want to try, now's your chance!

PS: Ben and Shalom, not you! You know the answers but don't give them away!


At 10/15/05, 9:39 PM, Anonymous Tova Menken said...

Sorry, but I think you told me these questions before so I didn't think it was fair for me to comment.

At 10/17/05, 2:18 AM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

1) My best guess would be Re'eh. (It can't be Naso, despite Channukah because Naso is too long.) A candidate for a high % would be Pinchas, because cumulatively, over the course of the year the number of karbonos read probably is a pretty high %age of Pinchas (it starts from Chamishi.)

When we say Vsein bracha and no mashiv ha ruach?

I don't count.


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