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Friday, October 21, 2005

Meme, Oh My

I was tagged to write about me, me! (Is that what the word comes from?) I'll skip the celebrity crushes one (hey, my mom reads this sometimes) but here are the others:

7 Things I Can Do:
  1. Lain the Torah well (I had a great role model)
  2. Tutor difficult kids (except for my own)
  3. Identify any Star Trek TOS episode within the first 20-30 seconds; 10-15 seconds if it's a good one
  4. Construct a sukkah from scratch, with a bit of trial and error
  5. Cook delicious chulent, chicken, and homemade franks-in-blankets
  6. Know what my kids are thinking, much of the time (though I did it best with Aaron)
  7. Express my feelings through writing

7 Things I Can't Do
  1. Back into a parking space, follow directions in reverse, or anything else that involves manipulating spatial relationships in my head
  2. Understand modern conversational Hebrew (I can get like 80% of it but never the whole thing)
  3. Take rectal temperatures
  4. Draw, or even handwrite legibly
  5. Play any sports, except bowling
  6. Enjoy shopping for anything except food, books, or toys
  7. Understand why many things happen

7 Things I Hope To Do Before I Die
  1. Become a practicing Rabbi in some form (pulpit, chaplain, or teacher)
  2. Meet/interview Billy Joel
  3. Obtain complete collections of my favorite dozen Marvel Comics titles on CD-ROM (they've started publishing them already!)
  4. Visit outer space
  5. Meet the Dalai Lama so I can greet him by singing "Hello, Dolly" :-)
  6. Live in Israel (but I'll have to address #2 from the "can't" list first!)
  7. Attend my great-grandchildren's bar/bat mitzvahs

7 Things I Say A Lot
  1. Yeah, right
  2. I can shout too (when I ask one kid to go get another who's upstairs, and they yell instead of going)
  3. Holy Howling Jupiter! (a "swear" I got from an Asimov story)
  4. Speak in English (when I don't understand what someone just said)
  5. You're not much for listening, are you? (when they don't understand me)
  6. Zeeskeit (to my kids or dogga)
  7. You brainless lump (to the dogga only, said affectionately)
Hey thanks, Shifra, this was more fun than I thought it'd be!

I won't officially "tag" anyone in return, but if any of my blog-friends want to try this, please do!


At 10/21/05, 5:36 PM, Blogger benros52589 said...

i can do 1 cant do 4 or 7 and i hope to do 1 and 6 see what we have in common

At 10/22/05, 11:21 PM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

Serandez already tagged me. But with server problems I haven't gotten around to it.
BTW I drive my wife crazy by insisting on backing into parking spaces. Thanks for the inspiration.
If I was listing the missing section for you it would be 1-7) LR
But you might as well write : Debbie Fisch. That will make everyone happy.
(Delete any part of this post that you want!)


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