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Monday, October 31, 2005

Frustration, Waking and Sleeping

Yesterday was one of those days where I feel like I should have stayed in bed. One of those days where several little things went wrong, none of them exactly tragic but cumulatively adding up to a frustrating, unpleasant day. First, I broke our home computer - well, just the USB ports*, but it means we can't finish setting up Debbie's brand new PDA, or connect any other digital devices. Then, I wasted hours watching my football team, whom I only get to see on TV a few times a season (when they play local NY teams, are on Monday night, or due to some other programming fluke), get absolutely demolished and embarrassed by The-Team-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, their hated rivals. Other things, too petty-sounding to list individually, also went wrong. About the only thing I accomplished successfully yesterday was an act of de-construction; taking down the sukkah.

Then last night I had my infamous recurring "pesach dream". This is my personal variation on the well-known "examination" dream where you show up to a test and are totally unprepared. In my version, it's erev pesach morning and we have done no cleaning, there's non-pesach food everywhere, we've bought no matza or other supplies (not even real-sugar Coke) and there's no time left to do all these things. I have had this dream probably a dozen times or more in my adult life, and I always wake up feeling shaken and disturbed.

I hope the rest of this week gets better. Or else hiding under the covers is starting to sound very appealing.

* Does anyone know if there are adaptors that would allow me to connect USB devices through another port on the PC? I.e., the adaptor would be female USB, to male some-other PC port.


At 10/31/05, 2:12 PM, Blogger Mirty said...

Most PCs have more than one USB port; they come in pairs and usually there are at least two in back and two in front.

You could add a PCI card with three or more USB ports on it. Those run about $70.00.

How did you break it?

At 10/31/05, 2:17 PM, Blogger Elie said...

It just broke when I was plugging and unplugging the PDA. It does have two USB slots next to one another, but they both seem to be broken - pieces of plastic fell out and there is just one big slot now.

I will probably get it repaired, and we probably also need another PC anyway - too much contention for this one with the boys having papers to write every night.

At 10/31/05, 3:51 PM, Blogger Shifra said...

maybe there is some kind of USB splitter?

I've had EXACTLY that same dream (although mine was not so product specific.) Although it's usually closer to Pesach. Just goes to show you how stressful Pesach prep is....

At 10/31/05, 3:54 PM, Blogger Shifra said...

Ah check it out http://www.vpi.us/hubs.html
I KNEW there had to be such a product around- everytime *I* come up with a good idea it's already been invented.

At 10/31/05, 4:08 PM, Blogger Elie said...


Thanks for the site - I'll check it out!

I have the Pesach dream all year, sometimes even just a couple of weeks after the real Pesach. Part of the bad dream is discovering that Pesach is falling at the wrong time for some reason; in last night's instance, November!

At 10/31/05, 4:12 PM, Blogger Shifra said...

You are one hardcore yid!

My father once woke up sweating from a nightmare in which his paper towels turned out to be chametz. We all that that was pretty funny at the time but apparently he was on to something (at least according to some rabbanim.)

At 10/31/05, 4:12 PM, Blogger Glen Holman said...

try these links for adapters:



At 10/31/05, 10:13 PM, Anonymous Tova Menken said...

I have had similar dreams about unpreparedness for Pesach and also for Rosh Hashana (it's erev rosh hahana and I have no machzor...)I have also dreamt several times that I was signed up for a graduate school course to which I had never shown up...I know that Dad mentioned having nightmares about final exams even decades after he was finished with grad school, so I guess that anxiety runs in the family!

At 10/31/05, 10:30 PM, Anonymous yaakov menken said...

Elie, this is what Mirty was talking about, but under $30 to your door. Plugs into your PCI slot and gives you four USB ports (actually a fifth one, if you have any use for one embedded deep within your computer.

Probably cheaper than replacing the motherboard.


At 11/1/05, 2:27 AM, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

I know that dream, mine is different but the feeling is the same.


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