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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Back to the Grind

Like Shifra, I'm too swamped at work today to spend much time blogging. I forgot to set my extended absence greeting at work over this last yom tov, and consequently had 10 urgent voice messages piled up between Monday afternoon and last night (and let's not even discuss email). Sigh.

Also, when I do get enough time and presence of mind to write, I mainly want to work on the next part of Aaron's story, so there may be fewer and/or briefer posts for the next few days.

Couple of quickies:

- Mazel Tov to my good friend and charvusa P. on the engagement of his oldest son, A. A. is now over 24 and I've known him since he was 6-1/2. I vividly remember Aaron attending A.'s 7-year-old birthday party, about six months after we moved in next door to their family. At that time, Aaron was 1-1/2 and not walking yet. So as usual for me now, the happy and sad emotions and memories are intermingled. Will it always be this way?

- I ended up enjoying Simchas Torah much more this year than I usually do. Ben, P. and I tried a different shul at night this year, and the hakafos were very nice; leibedik without being overboard. For the day, we went to an early minyan, which was all I wanted (could take) by that point in the holiday cycle.

- I've been working on the wording for Aaron's matzevah [headstone] and starting to plan an unveiling for this spring. But every time I try to look it over, it sends me back to the "denial" stage all over again. I keep thinking I need Aaron (or my dad) to review the words with.


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