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Sunday, October 02, 2005

At Aaron's Grave, 10/2/05

Meditation for a Departed Child
My darling, the blessed memories you have left me ever sustain me. I can never forget the joy and happiness it gave me to tend to your every spiritual and physical need. Every minute was sacred, every hour was precious. The soul within me weeps as I recall my dreams for you, as I remember my hopes and plans for your future. In His infinite wisdom, God made other plans for you, and called you back to his loving care. I thank Him for having entrusted your beautiful soul, although too briefly, to my care. I pray that I was faithful to that trust. Your life was a blessing; your memory is an inspiration. May He guard and keep you for me. Remember me in your innocent prayers even as I remember you in mine.
from "Death and Bereavement" by Rabbi Abner Weiss

Aharon Elimelech ben Ben Tzion Eliezer u'Penina Liba, zichrono l'beracha
tehay nishmaso tzerura b'tzeror hachayim


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At 10/6/05, 8:22 PM, Blogger Glen Holman said...

Such a moving piece!

At 10/20/05, 9:19 AM, Blogger benros52589 said...

very strong piece


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