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Sunday, September 11, 2005

What The World Needs Now...

...is less to mourn for and more to laugh about, fewer hurricanes, brain tumors, and terrorists, and more Bob Denvers, Rodney Dangerfields, and John Belushis.

I was going to write a serious piece about 9/11 and how little the world has learned in four years - including, it seems, most of those in the US and Israel, two countries that should really know better by now. But it's all been said so well by others, and unfortunately we're all pretty much just preaching to the choir.

So as this most serious of dates comes to an end, and all the appropriate (and inappropriate) remembrances have been held (when breaks between football games permitted it), I suggest you find something you like to do, and someone you like to do it with, and grab some joy and love while you can.

Or to quote from the episode of Night Court that was on TV Land last night: "I don't know why people live, and I don't know why people die. All I know is, while we're still here, we need to hold on to each other - real tight."

Good verdict, Judge Stone. Case dismissed.


At 9/13/05, 10:45 PM, Blogger benros52589 said...

we shouldnt focus on actors death's so much there are worse things that need our attention

At 9/14/05, 5:54 PM, Blogger swiftthinker said...

Good to see you're catching some of those Night Court episodes.


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