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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Never a Dull Moment

Debbie was involved in a car accident this morning. She's OK thank God, but the front end of the car was damaged and it's not drivable. The other driver - a teenager in a brand new Infiniti no less - ran a stop sign. There was a police report, so at least there's no disagreement or ambiguity as to who was at fault.

We were busy all morning with insurance, getting the car to an auto body shop, renting a replacement, etc. And the big question will be whether insurance will even cover the damage, since it's an older car (actually the newer of our two old cars!) What a pain.

With the start of the Hebrew month of Elul in mind, I'm reminded that Debbie and I used to refer to an annoyance like this as a kapara - based on the idea/hope that God's intent was to pay off our sins in this relatively minor way, rather than with something much worse. After what we already went through this year, the applicability of that concept is dubious, and God's intent as far beyond my feeble understanding as ever. But I will say, with sincerity if not comprehension: may all that has happened, and continues to happen, be for the best.


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