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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Alter Ego

OK, this is just too weird a coincidence!

It looks like I'm not the only person with my exact name who's worried about Duncan Hines cakes becoming dairy. Check out this article from the Florida Jewish News, and look who's quoted in the 3rd paragraph. (No, that's not me, unless I've gotten a new job and been promoted to CEO without my knowledge!)

I have known many "Elie"s and "Rosenfeld"s in my time, but this is the first time I've seen someone with that same combination - including the same spelling.

I'm sure all you Bob/Mary Smith's out there are used to this, but it creeps me out!


At 9/28/05, 7:26 PM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

There are actually 3 - 4 other David Gerstmans in the USA. But I don't know that any of them have every been featured in such an important news story.

At 9/29/05, 10:29 PM, Blogger benros52589 said...

im glad that someone else with ure name feels as strongly as u do is awesome


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