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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Eicha Quote for Today

Now really up for much posting today, between the fast and visiting two cemeteries earlier this afternoon. But I wanted to mention one particular verse from Eicha that really got to me this year:
"Our inheritance is turned over to outsiders, our houses to strangers" (5:2)
Ben and I read Eicha at home for our family last night (neither Debbie nor I could bring ourselves to face the mass social scene on Tisha B'Av night at shul). When I tried to chant this line, I broke down with emotion. It just felt so real, so relevant. So today.

May God will that this is the last time Tisha B'Av is an occasion of sorrow for us and all of the Jewish People.


At 8/15/05, 10:47 AM, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

From your mouth to G-d's ears.

At 8/17/05, 10:06 PM, Blogger benros52589 said...

amen i think in the near future all sad times will b gone


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